Homemade Sev Recipe – Gram Flour Vermicelli Snack

Sev is a delicious fried vermicelli snack that is made from besan/ gram flour.  The sev is used in most chaats like Bhel PuriSev Papdi Puri ChaatKhakra ChaatChole Tikki Chaat and many other dishes. The crispiness of the sev vermicelli adds to the texture and flavor of the chaats. Many like to savor the Sev as it is with their “Masala Chai” (Spiced Indian milk Tea).

A special equipment called “Sev Sancha” or a “Murrukku Maker” typically made out of brass. This machine gets passed on from one generation to another and lasts a lifetime. It can be found in most Indian Stores outside India.

You can easily store the Sev in an airtight container for up to a week. 

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Aloo Matar Sabzi Recipe – Potatoes Peas In Tomato Gravy

Aloo Matar Sabzi Recipe is a very traditional Punjabi dish that is made with potatoes and peas, simmered in light and tangy tomato gravy. The recipe has a delicate addition of spices , it is simmered to perfection brings out the essence of this flavorful dish.

The sabzi is cooked along with Nutralite Classic Spread which is enriched with omega3 and has 0% cholesterol.

Serve the Aloo Mutter Sabzi along with steamed rice, parathasphulka’s or naan’s for a perfect weeknight dinner.

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Chow Chow Poricha Kootu Recipe

Chow Chow Kootu is made from a white squash called chow chow. It is combined with moong lentils, ground coconut, cumin, yogurt and curry leaves to form its delicious gravy base. The taste is fantastic and goes well with hot phulkas or Spicy Potato Roast Recipe (Urulaikizhangu Poriyal) and steamed hot rice. So enjoy cooking this delicate preparation of a chow chow kotu, which is simple and delicious and makes a one dish healthy meal. Alternate vegetables that can be used are chayote squash, bottle gourd, white pumpkin. 

Serve the Chow Chow Poricha Kootu Recipe along with steamed rice and Vathal Kozhambu or with hot phulkas or Spicy Potato Roast Recipe (Urulaikizhangu Poriyal).

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Dal Palak Recipe (Spinach And Lentil Curry)

Dal Palak Recipe is a nutritious and wholesome dish that is rich in proteins and minerals. This recipe is made from fresh steamed spinach that is mixed along with cooked lentils and spices to make a delectable combination. The addition of a ghee tadka (seasoning) along with cumin and red chillies adds to flavour of the Dal Palak Recipe.

You can use a combination of lentils to make the Dal Palak; like Masoor and Moong, Toor Dal or even Channa Dal.

Serve the Dal Palak for a simple and healthy weeknight dinner along with steamed rice or Paneer Pulav or traditional Tawa Parathas.

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Saffron Pilaf Recipe – Kesar Flavoured Rice

Saffron Pilaf Recipe is a flavourful rice that is cooked along with strands of kesar. Saffron not only adds to the flavour of the rice, but also adds a great colour. It is extremely easy to prepare and delectable to eat. 

This is a delectable rice recipe that you can make on festivals or during special occasions.

Saffron is a spice widely used in Middle eastern and Indian Cuisines. It is one of the costliest spice in the World. A few strands of saffron goes a long way when added to a dish. 

Serve the Saffron Pilaf on a festival along with Shabnam CurryAjwain Puri, Dal Tadka and Palak Raita for Lunch with your friends and family.

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