Cantaloupe Pomegranate and Mint Juice Recipe

Cantaloupe Pomegranate and Mint Juice is a perfect blend of summer fruits, refreshing and energising for the summers. The addition of mint leaves brings in the added freshness and color to the drink. You could add some liqueurs to this to make a perfect cocktail drink for your summer parties as well. If we peel and cut the Cantaloupe and store in the refrigerator it becomes easy to make fresh juice more frequently for the kids in the summers.

Did you know: Pomegranate is a the powerhouse of nutrients. One bowl of pomegranate pearls provide provides the daily requirement of Vitamin C and K to our body. It contains no cholesterol or saturated fats. It is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and also aid in smooth digestion and bowel movements. The fruit is suggested by nutritionists in the diet for weight reduction and cholesterol controlling programs.

Serve Cantaloupe Pomegranate and Mint Juice Recipe alongside Fizzy Pomegranate & Mint Mocktail Recipe and an appetizer like Protein Fingers Recipe for your next cocktail party.

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Nongu Paal Recipe – Palm Fruit Drink

Nongu Paal Recipe – Palm Fruit Drink is a simple thirst quencher made with nongu the fruit from palm trees. This drink is a simple and refreshing thirst quencher, it soothes and cools down your body from the scorching summer heat.

Nongu Paal Recipe – Palm Fruit Drink is apt to be served on its own during afternoons or evenings.

Serve Nongu Paal Recipe – Palm Fruit Drink on its own or with Dry Fruit Barfi (Halwa) Recipe (A Healthy Dry Fruit Snack) or Papaya Orange Pomegranate Salad Recipe with Roasted Peanuts.

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Palak Paneer Stuffed Paratha Recipe

Paneer Stuffed Palak Paratha Recipe is a healthy recipe of using spinach and paneer that is packed with vitamins and proteins and many other nutrients. The addition of spinach and paneer makes the parathas get packed with flavors and taste making it a great recipe for breakfast or even a quick weeknight dinner and kids lunch box recipe.

Serve Paneer Stuffed Palak Parathas with a bowl of curd, Carrot And Turnip Pickle and Ginger Cardamom Chai.

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Pomegranate Mint Cocktail Recipe

Pomegranate Mint Cocktail is a refreshing drink made from freshly peeled Pomegranate seeds, fresh mint leaves, lemon and an optional addition of vodka. You can optionally skip the vodka to make the cocktail non alcoholic and add a lemon soda or plain soda to the drink to give the Pomegranate Mint Drink a refreshing zing for the parties.

Serve Pomegranate Mint Cocktail Recipe with appetizers like Tomato Onion Bruschetta With Mint Mayo Recipe or Grilled Eggplant With Spirulina Basil Pesto and Tofu Recipe.

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