Banana And Cranberry Bran Muffins Recipe

The Banana and Cranberry Bran Muffins Recipe are a great source of fiber and a wholesome snack. This muffin recipe is perfect for weight watchers, diabetic and can even make a healthy snack for kids lunchboxes. It uses only a tablespoon of butter and has no artificial sweeteners, along with the goodness of bran and whole wheat flour making it healthy and diabetic friendly as well.

Serve these Banana and Cranberry Bran Muffins as a tea time snack or Breakfast along with a cup of Ginger Cardamom Chai or coffee or even pack them into the school kids lunch boxes.

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Bengali Lau Die Tetor Dal Recipe – Yellow Moong Dal With Bitter Gourd & Bottle Gourd

Bengali Lau Die Tetor Dal Recipe is a traditional Bengali dal recipe usually made during the summer season. This dal recipe great way to include bottle gourd and bitter gourd in your diet. Lau die Tetor Dal is a very healthy and light dal made without onion and garlic but is flavored with green chilies, ginger and mustard oil.

Did you know: Bitter gourd contains certain chemicals that are like insulin which help to reduce blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd is not like most medicinal drugs, which are effective only in one target organ or tissue; rather, it influences glucose metabolism all over the body.

Serve Bengali Lau Die Tetor Dal Recipe along with Steamed Rice and Aloo Parwal Sabzi for a delicious Bengali style lunch.

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Watermelon Carrot Radish Juice Recipe

Watermelon Carrot Radish Juice Recipe is a juice that is packed with the goodness of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The addition of radish and carrot ups the nutrition content of this juice making it healthy and nourishing as well.

This drink is rich in Vitamins, beta carotene and anti oxidants. It helps boost your immunity and detoxifies your body. Radish juice might not be the first choice when juicing vegetable since it has slight spiciness but radish has many health benefits. And in this recipe the sweetness from the watermelon and the carrot balances the flavours of the radish beautifully. 

Serve Watermelon Carrot Radish Juice in the morning along with Grilled Rajma Masala Sandwich breakfast to give your day a refreshing start.

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Pissaladiere Recipe – Provencal Onion Tart Recipe

Pissaladiere is a tart dish which originated from southern france. The base of this classic Provencal Onion tart is made from the bread dough or the pizza dough that is thicker than a classic Italian Pizza. This tart is topped with caramelized onions, garlic and olives. You can also modify the traditional recipe by adding some tropical fruits or other favorite vegetables like green pepper or mushrooms too. 

Serve Pissaladiere as an appetizer with Cauliflower Au Gratin Recipe (French Style Cauliflower & Cheese Bake).

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Thalicha Thayir Sadam Recipe – Spicy Seasoned Curd Rice

Thalicha Thayir Sadam Recipe also known Seasoned Curd Rice is a staple food of South India. Every family will have their secret ingredient, but overall it’s an all time favorite and a meal finisher. If there is not curd rice, then the meal does not get complete for a South Indian family. You could choose to have your curd rice a multiple ways. You can also pair it up with Bisi Bele Bath.

1. Rice + Curd ( My Kids Favorite)

2. Rice + Curd + Salt ( Most Families, everyday meal)

3. Rice + Curd + Seasoning + Fried Chillies (Mor Milagai) (Traditional)

4. Rice + Curd + Seasoning (with fun fruits like Pomegranates, Grapes, Raisins, Roasted Cashewnuts)

Serve Thalicha Thayir Sadam Recipe with Andhra Avakaya and Elai Vadam for a comforting lunch.

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  3. Mahali Kizhangu Thayir Urugaai Recipe (Mahali Root Curd Pickle)
  4. Doddapatre Tambuli Recipe (Karpooravalli Thayir Pachadi)
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