Chaat Masala Mashed Potato Toasted Sandwich Recipe

Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toasted Sandwich Recipe is a perfect tasty snack, spiced with typical Indian flavours, especially for those who like their snacks really hot. The key to a hot, tasty Indian sandwich like this is the chutney. Making a good chutney can change your sandwich for good.

This Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toasted Sandwich uses two types of chutneys — a Coriander-Mint Chutney along with a Dates-Tamarind Chutney — as do most Indian chaats. The sandwich has a delicate crunch to the bread, with a soft interior of potato, served with the chutneys that cover a range of flavours from sweet and tangy to spicy and zesty.

You can boil the potatoes and prepare the chutneys ahead of time, and this sandwich is a breeze to put together. The filling can also be used the same filling to make parathas or tikkis.

Serve the Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toasted Sandwich Recipe for your tea parties along with a hot cup of Adrak Chai.

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Mulakushyam Recipe – A Mixed Vegetable Lentil Curry

Mulakushyam is an easy recipe from the Palakkad Cuisine. It is a dish comprising of the combination of lentils, essentially Moong Dal cooked along with vegetables with a drizzle of coconut oil to add a Palakad touch to the recipe.

You can add any vegetable of your choice like pumpkins, gourds etc. Adding a variety of vegetables in a lentil curry ensures that you get more nutrition. 

Serve the Mulakushyam along with Steamed Rice , Elai Vadam and Pisarna Manga Recipe for a quick and wholesome weeknight dinner.

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