Bread Pakora Recipe

Bread Pakora  is one of the most popular breakfast and tea time snack in the Northern regions. It is arguably the best traditional snack for enjoying evening tea especially in the winter seasons.

To Make bread pakoras bread is smeared with green chutney and then stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes.  The sandwiched bread is dipped in batter made of gram flour and rice flour batter and then deep fried.

The best way to serve this pakoda is piping hot straight from the kadai onto your plate. A bite of these delicious crunchy outside soft inside pakodas and a sip of masala chai on a gloomy day is a pure bliss.

Serve Bread Pakora Recipe with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney and a cup of hot Masala Chai for breakfast or tea time snack. 

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Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam Recipe – Garlic Rasam Recipe

The Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam Recipe is a lip smacking rasam recipe, that is packed with flavors from the chettinad masala and pounded garlic. 

Rasam is a traditional South Indian soup that is made using the juice of particular vegetables or even fruits. They are good for health and can be included in your daily diet. Garlic is used in this rasam and it has innumerable health benefits and it is recommended to use at least a small amount of garlic in your daily diet.

Serve Chettinad Poondu Rasam Recipe with Steamed rice, Muttaikose Poriyal Recipe and Elai Vadam for a healthy and light dinner.

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Hari Matar Ke Pakode Recipe – Green Pea Fritters

Hari Matar Ke Pakode are the delicious crisp fritters of fresh green peas and onions seasoned with spices. Pakodas are something which almost everyone of us enjoy and theses Hari Matar ke Pakode are the ultimate makeover to the regular pakodas and can be served with any chutney or ketchup of your choice.

The most amazing part is, you can make the pakoda mixture in the morning and refrigerate it, fry it at the time of serving in the evening or on the arrival of guests. In this recipe the Hari matar ke pakode are deep fried but you can make them in a  kuzhi paniyaram pan as well which uses less oil.

Serve the Hari Matar Ke Pakode as a evening tea time snack along with Ginger Cardamom Chai or serve as an appetizer along with Pudina Dahi Chutney Recipe- Mint Yoghurt Dip at your next party. 

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Khakara Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Sudden pizza craving kicks in at odd times? Or you are a busy folk who cooks healthy food at home but time being a constraint and your kids screaming for a pizza? What do you do? We have got a unique trick for you. Use whole wheat khakhra as quick pizza crust, and add any topping of your choice and present it to your kids.

Khakara Vegetable Pizza is a real kid-pleaser instant pizza dish. Khakhra is considered as one of the healthiest diet snacks and you can add some vegetables and other pizza topping and make it interesting for kids.

Serve Khakara Vegetable Pizza as an after school snack to your kids or during your tea time parties with Masala Chai or Espresso Coffee.

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Whole Wheat Naan Recipe

The Whole Wheat Naan Recipe is a simple and quick recipe and all you need is a whole wheat flour and yeast. There is no maida and no tandoor required to make this naan. Whole wheat naans stays soft as it is made of Vivatta whole wheat flour which is a pure chakki atta.

Serve the healthy and delicious Whole Wheat Naan along with your Paneer Butter Masala or Kadai Paneer along with a salad and raita for a weeknight dinner or for parties.

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Poha Buttermilk Idli Recipe

Poha Buttermilk Idlis are a tasty and simple idli recipe. There is no need for grinding  any rice or dals to make these soft and tasty idlis. Poha or flattened rice, suji and rice flour are all mixed along with a tempered buttermilk and left to ferment for about 4 hours. Then the batter is poured in an idli steamer and steamed to make delicious and soft idlis. 

Poha Buttermilk idlis are enjoyed by each and everyone and can be packed into your kids lunch boxes as well. Poha idlis can be served with any chutney or sambar of your choice. 

Serve Poha Buttermilk Idli with South Indian Coconut Chutney and Red Chilli Coconut Chutney for a wholesome breakfast. 

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Rose Lassi Recipe

Rose Lassi is a rose flavored sweet yogurt drink which is filling and super refreshing. Summers are here and the days are getting hotter day by day and this is the season when our body gets dehydrated and requires a lot of fluid intake.

Though there are lots of energy drink and refreshers, we get in summers but the most delicious and easiest of them is Rose Lassi. For making Rose Lassi we just have to blend a good quality rose syrup, curd and water along with sugar to taste. It is topped with chopped pistachios to add some crunch in the Rose Lassi.

There are many variations to making this Rose Lassi. Some people also use rose petals to make the Rose Lassi.

In case you want to use homemade curd to make the Rose lassi then follow How To Make Homemade Yogurt – Curd.

Serve Rose Lassi during the Holi festival or any special occasion with Mirchi Bajji and Matar Samosa Chaat to your friends and family.  

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Spicy Whole Wheat Roti Taco Bowls Recipe

Leftover whole wheat Rotis get a spicy Makeover in this Spicy Roti Taco Bowls recipe. For the Spicy Roti bowls,leftover rotis or phulkas are crisped up by baking them and then filled with a spicy filling of refried beans, Salsa/salad and sour cream-akin to the Mexican Taco bowls.

You can pretty much fill the bowls with anything you like, right from leftover vegetable curries to just salads. A scrambled Paneer or Tofu filling is a great option too. Just take care that the filling does not make the bowls too soggy. This is a great snack for fussy kids where they can eat the bowls as well! For a kid friendly version you can cut down on the heat.

Serve the Spicy Whole Wheat Roti Taco Bowls as a an appetizer or a snack for parties along with Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe.

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Mexican Beans Salad Recipe

Mexican Beans Salad is a very easy and delicious salad to eat. All you need to do is keep the boiled beans ready and toss the salad together with chopped vegetables, make the dressing in just 2 minutes and you are done with the salad.

A super fast and super healthy salad it is packed with protein. You can pack these for your mid afternoon or evening snack box for office as well. It is a filling salad and can be had on its own as a complete meal or you can serve it alongside a simple quesadilla.

Serve Mexican Beans Salad with Mexican Vegetarian Burrito Bowl and Bean Spinach And Corn Quesadilla for a weekend night dinner with your friends and family.

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