Masala Karela Recipe

Tangy Masala Karela Recipe combines karela with everyday indian spices and amchur powder. This easy-to-prepare healthy Karela recipe combines flavours to make it taste good without adding jaggery to reduce the acridity of the bitter gourd. It is a great diabetic friendly recipe and this dry sabzi pairs well with Tawa Paratha, roti, naan or any paratha of your choice.

Serve Masala Karela along with Panchmel Dal and Phulka for a weekday meal with your family.

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Kulia Fruit Chaat Recipe

Kulia is a famous street food from Delhi, it has a tangy and fruity taste that will excite your taste buds. This Kulia Fruit Chaat is a great treat during summer and kids would enjoy their Kulia Fruit Chat as a snack. This Khulia Chat is made of cucumber base and stuffed with pomegranates that are tossed in spices, some cheese can be added on top to enhance the flavors of Khulia.. You can also make Khulia with tomato base or pineapple and have chickpea filling.

Serve Khulia Fruit Chat as an evening snack during hot summer days with Watermelon Carrot Radish Juice.

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Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe With Bourbon Chocolate Syrup

Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe is a delicious kulfi recipe made out of ever loved masala chai (spiced tea). The masala chai gets a summer makeover with the delicious kulfi. Masala chai is always enjoyed during a cold morning or on a rainy day; this kulfi recipe is a twist to the masala chai can be enjoyed on a sunny day or for the festival of Holi.

Masala Chai Kulfi can be served with biscuit crumbles, bourbon chocolate syrup and some dry rose petals on top, to enhance the flavours of Masala Chai Kulfi as your mind blowing Indian Party Dessert. Serve this masala chai kulfi for the festival of holi or for the diwali party when you have friends over at home for parties.

Serve Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe With Bourbon Chocolate Syrup after a meal of Aloo Matar Sabzi , Ajwain Puri and Boondi Raita Recipe Spiced With Black Salt.

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Vivatta Whole Wheat Flour Puttu Recipe

Vivatta Whole Wheat Flour Puttu Recipe is a twist to Puttu recipe which is unique to Kerala. It is one of the staple dish prepared for breakfast in many households on day to day basis. Being steamed and prepared without oil puts the ‘puttu’ on the list of healthy, non-fat dishes. There are many variations to this dish; some prepare it with Ragi that makes it very nutritious, diabetic friendly dish. Usually ‘puttu’ is prepared with rice powder. To make puttu a little more interesting, I have used Vivatta premium chakki atta to make wheat flour puttu. This 5 ingredient wheat flour puttu turns out super tasty and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Now doesn’t that sound interesting enough to try this recipe? Go ahead give it a try.

Serve Vivatta Whole Wheat Flour Puttu with Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe (Spicy Chickpeas in Coconut Curry) or bananas and a dollop of ghee for a yummy breakfast.

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Strawberry Salad Recipe

Strawberry salad Recipe is a simple salad but has a great combination of flavours. This salad is bursting with flavours with the combination of sweet tangy strawberries, sharp tasting onions along with a sweet and spicy dressing. Strawberries also add boosting antioxidants which are good for skin and energy. This Strawberry Salad Recipe is a perfect noon or evening munch-in idea for this extremely hot summer.

Serve Strawberry Salad along with Cream of Celery Soup and Whole Wheat Rosemary Focaccia Bread for a light and healthy dinner.

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