Mango Kheer Recipe

Mango Kheer is a quick and easy to make dessert. This Mango Kheer is prepared with mango pulp, full fat milk, and sweetened vermicelli. Mango Kheer is liked by adults and kids alike. This Mango Kheer garnished with almond flakes, saffron, and raisins. needs to be served chilled.

This is a perfect summer recipe where the flavours if mango pulp goes well with vermicelli kheer. You can include mango chunks into the kheer as well if you like.

Serve Mango Kheer after your delicious meal of Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Lachha Paratha and Jeera Rice for your weekend meal.

Here are some more Kheer/Payasam Recipes that you can try for festivals and special occasions:

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  3. Creamy Phirni Recipe
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Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe

Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe is a very popular and all time favorite food, which is so delicious and mouthwatering. I am a die hard fan of Dahi Vada. All you need to make this gorgeous Dahi Vada is delicious sweet and little spicy Tamarind chutney, loads of beaten yogurt and some chilli powder, chaat masala and black salt. 

Serve Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney recipe as a side dish with your meal or you can also serve it when you have sudden guests at home.

Serve Dahi Vada With Sweet & Spicy Chutney Recipe along with a party meal of Punjabi Chana Masala RecipeWhole Wheat Onion Stuffed Kulcha Recipe and Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad with Lemon and Coriander Recipe.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other similar recipes such as

  1. Dahi Batata Puri Chaat
  2. Peanut Chaat With Spiced Yogurt
  3. Dahi Bhalla Papdi
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Malabar Parotta Recipe – Kerala Parotta Recipe

Malabar Parotta or Kerala Parotta is a layered flatbread made from refined flour (maida). This is a traditional recipe from Kerala. At some places it is also served at weddings, religious festivals and feasts. 

To get the flaky layers of the parotta various techniques are required. It is made similar to a laccha paratha and then rolled to make the malabar parotta. 

Serve Malabar Parotta with Vegetable Kurma and Kerala Style Egg Roast Curry Recipe as a weeknight dinner or as a paratha for and indian party menu with friends and family.

If you are looking for more Paratha recipes, here are a few favorites you must try and make them for breakfast or dinner.

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Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

Roasted Chickpeas is a great munching snack for both kids and adults. This simple recipe is also a great alternative to the deep fried version usually available in the market. The only challenge you may face is to control the urge to pop them in your mouth while making them!

You can use anything from Garam masala to mixed herbs for flavor. You can also use Cinnamon-sugar if you like them sweet. These roasted chickpeas are best eaten straight out of the oven as they may not stay as crisp if stored for a longer time. To the spiced Roasted Chickpeas, add some chopped onions and fresh herbs like coriander /mint, squeeze some lime juice and enjoy a healthy, protein rich snack.

Enjoy the Roasted Chickpea as a snack and it can be sent for snack box also. 

Serve the roasted chickpea with some mulled apple juice as a snack or just with some Masala Chai Recipe – Indian Spiced Tea to enjoy your evening time. 

Here are few chickpea recipes which you will like.

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  2. Vegan Chickpea Omelet Recipe
  3. Chickpea Salad
  4. Tomato Chickpea And Coconut Soup
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Gilka Bhajji Recipe-Silk Squash Fritters

Slices of Gilka are dipped in a spicy chickpea flour batter and then deep fried to make these sinful Gilka Bhajji Recipe. They are typically made in most Maharashtrian households for a tea time snack or as an accompaniment with Rice-Dal or Kadhi.

Carom seeds (Ajwain) not only add flavor but also aid smooth digestion. Gilka Bhajji are addictive and are sure to please even those, who are not very fond of silk gourd/Chinese bitter melon. You can also use Ridge Gourd (Dodka/Turai) instead of Gilka. Gilka Bhajji are delicious on their own.

Serve Gilka Bhajji Recipe with  Date and tamarind chutney or chilli garlic sauce as tea time snack.

Have a look at the other popular fritter recipes that we have

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  3. Bhaji Vada Recipe (Lentil and Vegetable Fritters)
  4. Paneer Stuffed Bread Fritters Recipe
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Chettinad Vegetable Pulao Recipe

Chettinad Vegetable Pulao is a classic South Indian way of making rice. The spices are a unique blend of saunf (fennel seeds), black pepper corns with the addition of baby onions, ginger and garlic which add to the taste.

This Pulao is made with Silver Range of Kohinoor Super Basmati rice, which is aged & matured naturally for 24 months for its soft shiny look & sweet taste. Kohinoor Super Basmati rice is a 100% pure & original Pusa basmati variety which gives whitish slender rice with a buttery flavour and subtle aroma, thus making this the perfect rice for the special dish, the Chettinad Vegetable Pulao.

Serve the Chettinad Vegetable Pulao along with Tomato Onion Raita and Vegetable Kurma for lunch or dinner.

If you like this recipe, here are more Pulao Recipes that you can try in your kitchen:

  1. Chana Pulao Recipe
  2. Kashmiri Pulao Recipe
  3. Spicy Daliya Pulav Recipe
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Paprika Chicken Skewers Recipe

Paprika Chicken Skewers is a chicken recipe which can be prepared in no time and is a healthy alternative to the usual fried chicken prepared in most Indian households.

Chicken is marinated with paprika powder and crushed garlic. The spiciness of paprika and strong flavor of freshly crushed garlic gives a nice aroma and taste to the chicken. The longest part of this recipe preparation is leaving the chicken in the marinade.

The Paprika Chicken Skewers is prepared with less oil and can be cooked either in the oven or on the tawa. Stir in some peppers to make it more colorful and add to the taste of these party appetizers.

Serve Paprika Chicken Skewers as a party appetizer amongst others like Garlic Chicken Cheese Balls Cheesy Garlic Broccoli Nuggets , and Loaded Baked Potato French Fries

Take a look at other chicken recipes that we have

  1. Soft and Spicy Chicken Nuggets – KFC Style Recipe
  2. Chicken Spinach And Ricotta Bombs Recipe
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Bharma Baingan Ki Sabzi Recipe – Spicy Stuffed Brinjals

Bharma Baingan Ki Sabzi Recipe is a perfect combination of spicy masala and brinjals. If you are bored of your regular brinjal sabji, give this recipe a try, you will love it. It is spicy and is perfect to serve as a side dish with your Indian meal.

Did you know: Brinjal is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, and copper. It is a good source of manganese, vitamin B6, niacin, potassium, folate, and vitamin K. It also contain certain essential phytonutrients which improve blood circulation and nourish the brain.

Serve Bharma Baingan Ki Sabzi  with Panchmel Dal and hot Phulkas along with Beetroot, Carrot & Cucumber Salad with Peanuts Recipe and Spring Onion and Peanut Raita Recipe for a perfect weekday meal.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other similar recipes such as

  1. Bharva Baingan
  2. Badanekaayi Gojju
  3. Kosamalli


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Arbi Ke Patte Ke Pakode – Colocasia Leaf Rolls Recipe

Arbi Ke Patte Ke Pakode are the deep fried rolls made from colocasia (taro) leaves. Crispy and delicious, they are an ideal snack for Monsoons. They are known with different names in different part of India like Alu Wadi, Arbi Patra, Patyod etc.

Though the process of making Arbi Ke Patte Ke Pakode might seem a bit lengthy the steps are easy to follow and the effort is worth it. Apart from the taste colocasia leaves are also high in vitamin and antioxidant. They prevent many diseases and are good for boosting your immunity and eye health.

Serve Arbi Ke Patte Ke Pakode hot with lemon wedges and mint chutney and Ginger Cardamom Chai -Spice Infused Indian Style Milk Tea on a rainy day for a great snack option.

Take a look at our other popular tea time snack recipes

  1. Homemade Nachos Recipe
  2. Beet Quinoa Sliders Recipe
  3. Matar Paneer Galette Recipe
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Kerala Special Mambazha Puliserry Recipe

Mambazha Puliserry is an unique and special dish of Kerala. This dish is specially prepared on the auspicious day of Onam. However, the best time to prepare this dish is when mangoes are in season. Whole ripe mangoes are cooked in a coconut- sour curd spicy gravy.

The pulissery has a burst of different flavours like sweet, sour, spicy and is a perfect accompaniment to hot rice, idiyappam and even dosa. Authentic pulissery uses small whole mangoes. You can however use sliced mangoes too. Try this recipe before the mangoes go out of season.

Serve Kerala Special Mambazha Puliserry with hot Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam for a delicious weekday meal.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other Mango recipes such as

  1. Mango & Drumstick Mulakushyam
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