Vietnamese Pitaya & Calamansi Sorbet Recipe (Dragon Fruit & Small Lime Sorbet)

Dragon Fruit is still available and I never miss the chance to buy the pink fruit every time I see it. The sweetness is perfect and the fruit is loaded with fiber & anti-oxidants and is definitely a part of our regular diet whenever it is available in the market. Vietnamese Pitaya & Calamansi Sorbet is very famous in Vietnam, which is the highest manufacturer of pitaya or dragon fruit. Sweet pink flesh dragon fruit is combined with sharp & sour calamansi(lime), sugar and blended to a smooth texture and finally kept in freezer to make a yummy dessert. Calamansi are small limes which are very sour in taste and they are widely used in Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese cooking. If calamansi is not available, you may replace it with lemon. Make sure the dragon fruit is the pink one. The white one’s don’t taste as much and won’t suit the dish.

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