Mangalorean Style Bendekayi Huli Koddel Recipe – Ladies finger Dal without Coconut Recipe

Mangalorean Style Bendekayi Huli Koddel Recipe  is a variation to the authentic recipe made in the households of Mangalore. Usually in most of the Mangalorean dishes, the addition of coconut is always a must but in this recipe we have cut down coconut and created a dal which has Bendekayi otherwise called as ladies finger.

Serve the Mangalorean Style Bendekayi Huli Koddel Recipe along with steam rice or Phulka for lunch or dinner.

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162 Indian Summer Recipes That Will Keep Your Body Cool

There are times when we end up eating a lot of hot and spicy foods during summers that might result in rising internal temperature mechanism of our body. We might feel the hot flushes, acidity or problems related with elevation of the fiery element within the body, especially in Indian weather. Some people also experience heart burns, skin eruptions, and general irritability as one of the major symptoms. To avoid these symptoms, here are ways to keep your body cool, through pacifying foods and more.

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Mini Hash Brown Quiche Recipe

Quiche is a popular French savoury dish that is made using eggs. There are numerous variations in making quiche. In the Mini Hash Brown Quiche, the crust of the quiche is made up of hash brown potatoes and the filling is made up of cheese and milk. A delicious snack that can be a great party food. As they can be served hot or cold. Mini Hash Brown Quiche can be a wonderful picnic dish too.

Serve these amazing Mini Hash Brown Quiche with Fresh Fruit Bowl Recipe and Cold Coffee Smoothie Recipe and ketchup for a wholesome breakfast.

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  2. Hash Brown With Spinach & Cheese Recipe
  3. Breakfast Potato Quiche with Tender Corn
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Potato And Peas Curry Recipe In Coconut Milk Gravy

Potato And Peas In Coconut Milk Curry Recipe is a delicious and mildly spiced curry cooked in coconut milk. Potatoes and Peas are perfect match and a crowd pleaser.

The coconut milk adds a mild sweetness to the curry and in this recipe we have used freshly made coconut milk using Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder, which makes it really easy to make the coconut milk. 

Serve the Potato And Peas Curry Recipe In Coconut Milk Gravy along with Phulkas for a weeknight dinner along with Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad.

Here are a few more Curry Recipes to try and serve for a Weeknight Dinner or even for an Indian Dinner Party:

  1. Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry Recipe (Zero Oil)
  2. Chettinad Beetroot Kurma Recipe
  3. Karnataka Style Mixed Vegetable Saagu Recipe (Spicy Vegetable Coconut Gravy Recipe)
  4. Palak Makhana Recipe (Navratri Fasting/Vrat Recipe)
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Paneer Sizzler Recipe In Chilli Garlic Sauce With Rice

Paneer Sizzler Recipe In Chilli Garlic Sauce With Rice is a filling dish apt to be served as party food. This recipe has pan fried paneer cubes along with  roasted vegetables and a spicy sauce that is rich in the garlic- tomato flavour. Adding rice to the sizzler makes this dish a complete meal by itself. Adding loads of seasonal vegetables makes this a wholesome and nutritious dish. You can also substitute Paneer with tofu if you like.

Serve Paneer Sizzler Recipe In Chilli Garlic Sauce With Rice along with Pomegranate Frozen Margarita and Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart Recipe for a lovely party meal.

Here are a few more one pot dishes to savour

  1. Parsi Style Lagan Sara Istew Recipe
  2. Brown Rice & Quinoa Risotto Recipe
  3. Spinach And Feta Cheese Rotolo Recipe
  4. One-Pot Stove Top Lasagna Recipe


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Spinach & Apple with Orange Dressing Recipe

Spinach & Apple with Orange Dressing Recipe, how often we crave something fresh that can be made quickly so this recipe will be your all-time favorite salad which has citrusy orange dressing with a hint of tabasco sauce. It is tossed over freshly washed spinach, cut apples and few segments of oranges.

Serve the Spinach & Apple with Orange Dressing Recipe can be served as an Appetizer before Mexican Vegetarian Bean & Cheese Enchiladas Recipe for your lunch. 

If you are looking for more Salad recipes here are some : 

  1. Couscous Salad with Raw Mangoes
  2. Sweet Potato & Green Bean Salad Recipe
  3. Chickpea Orange Salad Recipe with Sun Dried Tomatoes
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Shahi Egg Curry Recipe In Tomato & Cashew Gravy

The taste of Dhaba food is phenomenal and we usually find these dhabas on highways. They cook some amazing dishes in traditional style which enhances the flavour of the dish. Dhaba Style Egg Curry is one such recipes which is spicy, tasty and full of flavours.

Cashew nut paste is used along with tomato puree to give the rich creamy taste to this curry. Kasuri methi added at the end lifts up the flavours.  Simple everyday spices are added in the right amount to make this egg curry mouthwatering. 

Serve this Shahi Egg Curry Recipe along with Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani or Pudina Lahsun Laccha Paratha and Burani Raita for your weekend meal.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other Egg Recipes such as

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  2. Egg Butter Masala Recipe
  3. Bengali Egg Curry Recipe

Did you Know: Olive oil is a healthier choice for cooking everyday indian food, because it is low in saturated fats and two it does not alter the taste of the food.

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