Kerala Style Chemmeen Moilee Recipe – Prawn Curry

Kerala Style Chemmeen Moilee Recipe -Prawn Curry is a comfort curry made from shrimps cooked in rich coconut milk. The curry is so simple to make as it is made in a one pot. Moilee is a very common dish in Kerala and is usually made from a variety of fish but we can use different kind of seafood as well to create this wonderful delicacy. This curry does not use any tamarind but has strong flavors from the whole spices like the cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and whole peppercorns.

Serve the Kerala Style Chemmeen Moilee Recipe along with Steamed Rice or kerala parotta and Cabbage Thoran.

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Watalappan Recipe – Steamed Egg Pudding With Jaggery

Watalappan Recipe is a traditional pudding served in the weddings, festivals and feasts in Sri Lanka. It is one of the beloved desserts of every Sri Lankans. The main ingredients here are the Kithul jaggery, eggs and the fresh coconut milk.

Kithul jaggery, or goan Jaggery is made out of a sap extracted from a palm tree called kithul. Use only Kithul Jaggery/ Goan Jaggery to make Watalappan as palm jaggery or sugar doesn’t give you the authentic flavour.

It is not compulsory to add the pistachio or cashews.The dessert tastes so good even without them.Nutmeg powder can also be used instead of cinnamon powder.

This is a contribution of Sri Lankan Moors  or Muslims to the Ceylonese cuisine. They usually have it for id to celebrate the end of ramadan. 

Serve Watalappan Recipe as a festive dessert along with a complete meal of Chicken Malai Kabab RecipePakki Mutton Biryani Recipe, and  Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita Recipe.

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Breakfast Meal Plate: Mangalore Style Southe Gatti, Coconut Chutney And Tomato Chutney

Have this traditional Mangalorean style breakfast this Sunday! Mangalorean cuisine which is collectively called as Tulunadu captures the coastal region of Karnataka. Coconut and Coriander Seeds are most commonly used ingredients in their everyday cooking.

Other than the spices used, they consume a lot of cucumbers in their dishes. A very famous Mangalore cucumber which is a medium sized oval shaped vegetable that has blend of yellow and green layered skin and has a soft and crispy flesh. They are used in dishes like Kadubu, sambar, rotti and neer dosa etc. 

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Nendra Pazham Pulissery Recipe – Ayurvedic Recipe

Nendra Pazham Pulissery Recipe is a wonderful twist on a traditional pulissery that we all know. It is usually has vegetables like ash gourd that is added into the curry but here in this recipe we have created a twist by adding ripened banana that compliments well with the flavor of ground coconut mixture and curd. It is also considered to be a part of baby food that you can make it with less spice levels.

Serve the Nendra Pazham Pulissery Recipe along with Steamed Rice, Pavakkai Poriyal Recipe and Elai Vadam for a wholesome lunch or dinner.

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