Banana Stem Poriyal Recipe With Curry Powder

Banana Stem Sabzi Recipe With Curry Powder is a semi dry sabzi that is made by stir frying the banana stem. A touch of yogurt to add in a tinge of sourness, South Indian curry powder, cumin powder and chilli powder are added to make it flavourful.

Make sure that you chop the banana stem when you are ready with other ingredients to prepare this dish, since the chopped banana stem starts turning brown sooner due to contact with air. Note that while you chop the inner rind of the banana stem, you will find the fibre coming out every time you slice into stem, keep taking them out while proceeding. One should find ways to include the banana stem in diet every now and then since it has cleansing properties and keeps kidneys in good health. You can even pack it away for lunch boxes.

Serve Banana Stem Sabzi Recipe With Curry Powder along with Lobia Masala Recipe (Black Eyed Bean Curry)Phulka and Indian Vegetable Salad Recipe for lunch or dinner. 

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