Spicy Tomato Rice – Tomato Pulihora Recipe

  • To begin making the Spicy Tomato Rice | Tomato Pulihora Recipe, chop the tomatoes roughly. In a mixer grinder, blend them into a smooth puree.

  • Incase, the bisibele bhath masala.powder isn’t ready, preparing Bisi Bele Bath Spice Powder takes roughly 10-15 min additionally. 

  • To a large wok or kadai heat the cooking oil. Once the oil is hot, add the chana dal, urad dal, cashewnuts (or peanuts if using) and roast for 10-20 seconds or till they are a bit browned and appears done.

  • Next, add in the cumin, mustard , green chilly and red chilli, asafoetida and the curry leaves

  • Now that the tadka is done, add in the tomato puree to the kadai carefully avoiding any possible splutter on your hands.

  • Add in bisibele bhath masala powder, salt and mix well.

  • Let this mixture cook for about 7-8 minutes until you notice oil leaving the sides of the pan or until you notice the tomato pulp reduces slightly and thickens up. It is then time to turn off the heat.

  • Transfer this to a wide bowl, add the cooked rice and mix gently until all the ingredients are well combined. Adjust the salt levels if needed.

  • Serve Spicy Tomato Rice | Tomato Pulihora Recipe with a bowl of Yogurt (Curd)Andhra Style Paruppu Podi Recipe (Dal Podi)Indian Vegetable Salad Recipe for a complete meal.

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