Keto 152 – Dr. Anna Cabeca talks about womens health and keto

This week we are joined by Dr. Anna Cabeca who is passionate about helping women get healthy. She is triple board certified with specialties in gynecology, integrated medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She wants to help her patients learn that you don’t always need drugs to regain your health naturally. She also is very […]

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Ragi Wheat Phulka Recipe- Diabetic Friendly Ragi Roti

Ragi Wheat Phulka Recipe is a  Diabetic Friendly Roti, made by combining ragi flour along with whole wheat flour to make a phulka- a staple in almost all Indian households. 

Did you know: Ragi is rich in calcium, helps in weight loss, has a high fiber content, battles anemia, reduces blood cholesterol and also regulates blood sugar levels. Because of its low glycemic index, it helps reduce food cravings and slows down absorption of starch, thus helps in regulating the blood sugar for diabetic.

Serve this Ragi Wheat Phulka Recipe along with Horsegram Dal RecipeKeerai Masiyal RecipeBeetroot, Carrot & Cucumber Salad with Peanuts Recipe and Methi Raita Flavoured With Garlic Recipe for a complete Diabetic Friendly meal. 

Try our other Ragi Recipes: 

  1. Ragi Idli Recipe
  2. Ragi Kanji Recipe
  3. Ragi Halbai Recipe



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Keto 151 – Allison Gannett and Ali Miller from KetoCon 2017

Today we’re excited to bring you 2 talks that have been unreleased outside of for those that attended KetoCon last year. We’ve got 2 excellent talks from a couple of our friends who really know their stuff. Allison Gannett and Ali Miller are both taking the world of health by storm using the ketogenic diet […]

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Looking Forward to KetoCon

Last year, Ketovangelist threw quite the little shindig down in Austin, Texas. You might have heard of it. Yes, folks, I’m talking about KetoCon. It was the first annual Ketovangelist keto-centric conference, and by all accounts it was a rip-roaring success. We had a whole pile of amazing speakers and presentations, tons of fantastic vendors […]

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Eggless Oats Cranberry Almond Cookies Recipe

Eggless Oats Cranberry And Almond Cookies are crunchy melt in the mouth cookies that are made with oats, dried cranberries and toasted almonds. The nuts and the dried fruits add a great crunch while the oats and wheat flour when combined with the butter gives it a smooth texture. 

Serve these delicious Oats Cranberry And Almond Cookies as an evening snack along with a cup of Punjabi Style Espresso Coffee or Golden Detox Tea

You can also pack these cookies as a delicious snacks in your kids snack boxes

If you like this recipe of Eggless Oats Cranberry And Almond Cookies, here are a few more Eggless cookies you can try. 

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Crispy Paneer Pakora Recipe With Garlic Chutney

Crispy Paneer Pakora Recipe With Garlic Chutney is a lip smacking snack where cubes of fresh, soft paneer are slathered with a  spicy garlic chutney, that is sandwiched and dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried.

We have added rice flour to the batter to add more crispiness but if you do not have rice flour batter you can skip it as well. The only key point in making the batter for the pakoras is that the batter should not be too runny and should coat the back of the spoon. 

Crispy Paneer Pakora Recipe With Garlic Chutney are simple to make and requires few ingredients. You can make these quickly as a tea time snack if you have sudden guests. They also make a great after school snack for your kids. 

Serve Crispy Paneer Pakora Recipe With Garlic Chutney as an evening snack along with Green Chutney and Kesar Chai .

If you liked the Paneer Pakora Recipe, you can try our other Pakora Recipes:  

  1. Vegetable Dal Pakora Recipe (Dal Bajiya/ Spicy Lentil Fritters)
  2. Cheese Broccoli Fritter Recipe (Pakora) (Non Fried)
  3. Crispy Palak Pakora Recipe (Monsoon Time Snacks)



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हरे प्याज के पकोड़े रेसिपी – Spring Onion Pakoda Recipe

हरे प्याज के पकोड़े कुरकुरे और स्वादिष्ट पकोड़े है जिन्हे डीप फ्राई किया जाता है. यह एक आसान रेसिपी है जिसे आप बारिश के दिनों में या सर्दियों के दिनों में बना सकते है. यह पकोड़े बनाने में आसान है और बहुत कम समय में बन जाते है. खाने में स्वादिष्ट और बनाने में आसान, इन पकोड़ो को जरूर बनाए। 

हरे प्याज के पकोड़े को धनिया पुदीना चटनी, इमली की चटनी और अदरक चाय के साथ बारिश के दिनों में परोसे और अपने परिवार के साथ इसका आनंद उठाए। 

अगर आपको यह पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है 

  1. चिल्ली रोस्टेड लोबिया रेसिपी 
  2. पैन फ्राइड एवकाडो कोफ्ता रेसिपी 
  3. अंकुरित मूंग और प्याज के पकोड़े रेसिपी
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Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe

Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe is an everyday gravy sabzi that is cooked along with spices in a tomato and onion gravy. It is simple to make and uses everyday masalas to make the gravy flavourful. It makes a delicious side dish to be served along with phulkas and a dal tadka for lunch or dinner.

To make the Aloo Bhindi masala the bhindis and the potatoes are sauteed separately and then combined in an onion tomato gravy to make a delicious dish.

Did you know: Okra is a low-calorie vegetable and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. They are rich sources of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins; often recommended by nutritionists in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.

Serve this simple and tasty Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe along with Lasooni Dal, Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita and Phulka for an everyday meal. 

If you like this Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe, you can also try other Bhindi recipes that you can make for your everyday meals:

  1. Dahi Bhindi Recipe
  2. Dahi Achari Bhindi Recipe
  3. Bhindi Masala Recipe
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Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe – Mango Mor Kuzhambu

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu (translated to mango in curd based gravy) is a traditional Palakkad recipe. It’s a seasonal recipe and can be made and savoured during mango season.

The Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu is a beautiful mix of sweetness (from the mangoes) and spice from the chilli and ginger that are added to the kuzhambu. The Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu can be made in a jiffy with all available ingredients in the pantry. I hope u all enjoy making it and relishing it just like how we did.

Serve Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe along with Steamed Rice, Chow Chow Thoran and Elai Vadam for a weekday meal.

If you like this Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu recipe, you can also try other Mango recipes which you can make for your everyday meals:

  1. Raw Mango Puliyogare Gojju Recipe
  2. Tamil Nadu Style Raw Mango Thokku Recipe
  3. Raw Mango Prawns Curry Recipe
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Lehsun Amla Chutney Recipe – Garlic Gooseberry Chutney

Lehsun Amla Chutney Recipe is a delicious and tangy chutney recipe that is prepared with garlic, pearl onions, gooseberries or amla, coriander leaves and mint leaves. This chutney is a powerhouse of superfood ingredients. 

Garlic – Is a natural antibiotic, aids the body’s immune system to fight off germs and boosts immunity. 

Gooseberry – Rich in Vitamin C, helps in warding of colds and flu in the winter months. 

Coriander Leaves – Aids in digestion and it has a high content of iron thereby helps in improving iron content in those who are anaemic. 

Serve Lehsun Amla Chutney Recipe as a side dish for Dosa or Idli for breakfast.

You can even serve Garlic Amla Chutney with hot Steamed Rice and ghee along with Beetroot Poriyal for a simple lunch. 

If you like this recipe of Garlic Amla Chutney, here are a few more Indian Chutney recipes you should try. 

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