Sri Lankan Muttai Appam Recipe

Sri Lankan Muttai Appam Recipe is an authentic appam made with the addition of an egg in the center of the appam.  The only preparation here is to soak and grind the appam batter and allowing it to ferment. It tastes great with any South Indian curry and can be made for your everyday meals.

Sri Lankan Muttai Appam Recipe also can be serve for a weekend breakfast with any chutney or sambol of your choice. The egg in the Sri Lankan Muttai Appam is not cooked completely and it has a runny center. 

Serve Sri Lankan Muttai Appam Recipe along with Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe or Sri Lankan Egg Curry Recipe, finish off with a dessert of Watalappan Recipe for a complete Sri Lankan meal.

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Crispy Baby Corn Lollipop Recipe / Spring Rolls

Crispy Baby Corn Lollipop Recipe/ Spring Rolls, is a crunchy baby corn appetizer that is marinated with Indian masalas, wrapped with a dough made of cheese and flour, baked and served with a sprinkle of chaat masala. 

Crispy Baby Corn Lollipop is something that your family would absolutely love on a rainy evening. It makes a great appetizer for any kind of party. This could also be served as a side along with any main dish or serve it as an after school snack to kids. 

Serve Crispy Baby Corn Spring Rolls/ Lollipop as an appetizer along with Tzatziki Recipe – A Greek Yogurt Dip and Apple And Ginger Cocktail Recipe.

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Mexican Taco Recipe With Refried Beans & Fresh Summer Salad

Classic Mexican Taco Recipe With Refried Beans & Fresh Summer Salad is an exotic Mexican dish you can make at home. With a little bit of planning and minimal effort, you can make all the elements of the taco filling at home. 

One bite of the crunchy taco shell with a delicious filling of the refreshing summer salad, chunky and flavoursome refried beans, and condiments like – creamy guacamole, spicy tomato salsa and sour cream, we are sure these tacos will, be a great hit in your house amongst the kids as well as the adults. 

Serve Classic Mexican Taco Recipe With Refried Beans & Fresh Summer Salad along with Kiwi Basil Lemonade Recipe and Strawberry Coconut Trifle Pudding Recipe for a complete summer meal. 

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Sweet Corn Spring Onion Momo Recipe – Sweet Corn Dumplings

Corn Spring Onion Momo Recipe is a delicious momo recipe where the sweet corn is ground to a coarse mixture and then sautéed along with spring onions.

The flavour added by the corn and the spring onions to the momo is simple and delicious. Mixing it with some Sriracha sauce, salt and pepper elevates the falvour of the filling.

Everyone loves momos and they are sold in every corner of India now as an evening snack. They make a perfect snack for the kids and an appetizer for parties and can be served with sweet chilli sauce or chili garlic sauce.

Serve the Corn Spring Onion Momo Recipe along with Peanut Chilli Dipping Sauce Recipe and Vegetarian Thukpa Recipe  for a delicious weekend dinner.

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Chicken Galouti Kebab Recipe

Chicken Galouti Kebab Recipe is a traditional recipe from the Lucknowi/Awadhi Cuisine. It is a popular street food in Lucknow and North India. ‘Galouti’ literally means soft, melt in the mouth.  A simple yet delicious kebab where the meat is usually tenderized and mixed along with spices, shaped into a kebab and shallow fried. 

Flavours of saffron strands, rose water, Mughlai meetha attar, Kabab chini powder and cardamom powder makes these Chicken galouti Kebabs stand out in taste. 

These kababs are easy to make as all the ingredients are added into the food processor and blended together. 

Raw papaya paste is added to the Chicken Galouti Kebab Mixture to tenderize the meat. This helps to make the kebabs soft and melt into your mouth. 

Serve Chicken Galouti Kebab Recipe, as an appetizer along with Pudina Dahi chutney and Pickled Onions and with a meal of Nawabi Tawa ParathaDum Pukht Gosht and Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad with Lemon and Coriander Recipe

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Vegetable Quinoa Patty Recipe

Vegetable Quinoa Patty Recipe is a simple and quick recipe packed with vegetables and all the goodness of Quinoa. You can add a handful of your favourite ingredients to make it more rich and that satisfies your taste buds. This Quinoa patty can be served for dinner along with a Soup or a Salad or as a snack.

Did You Know: Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods. It contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains and is rich in magnesium.

Serve Vegetable Quinoa Patty Recipe as a snack along with Filter Coffee/Masala Tea. You can also serve it for dinner along with Tomato Noodle Soup and Summer Salad Recipe With Red Cabbage Lettuce Onions And Tomatoes.

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Mango Shrikhand Taco Recipe – Sweet Mango Yogurt Dip Taco

Mango Shrikhand Taco Recipe is a delectable dessert recipe, that is a fusion of the Gujarati mango shrikhand filled in a Mexican taco shell, sprinkled with some red chilli powder and salt to give that zing and garnished with fresh mint leaves. 

Come summer season, and the markets are flooded with mangoes of various varieties. This dessert tastes best with Alphonso mangoes. Fresh pureed mango pulp when mixed with creamy hung curd makes a great dessert on its own. Kids will find this Mango Shrikhand Taco exciting and you can serve it to them as an evening snack.

Serve the Mango Shrikhand Taco as dessert after a meal of Spinach & Corn Quesadilla Recipe and Red Bean Mexican Burrito Bowl Recipe

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