Mushroom & Bean Sloppy Joe Recipe

Mushroom & Bean Sloppy Joe Recipe is a healthy soft sloppy Burger recipe that is stuffed in with spicy rajma beans and mushrooms and made creamy with an eggless mayonnaise.

If you have some cooked rajma handy in your refrigerator then this sloppy joe burger is super simple to make and delicious to eat too. Making a snack for kids or even a special weekend dinner for your family will become a jiffy with this burger recipe.

The stuffing for the sloppy joe is made with rajma simmered in a delicious tomato puree with sriracha sauce and brown sugar.  Once the stuffing is made all you have to do is to just assemble it with a tablespoon of Eggless Mayonnaise to add in the extra flavour, creaminess and taste to the  Mushroom & Bean Sloppy Joe.

Serve the Mushroom & Bean Sloppy Joe Recipe along with delicious Rich Chocolate Almond Brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious weekend dinner with your family.

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