Should You Start Drinking Tea for Your Health?

From P.D. Mangan’s book “Best Supplements for Men“: Green tea, which is commonly drunk in China and Japan, is associated with lower rates of cancer, about 30% lower in those who drank the highest amounts of green tea compared to … Continue reading

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Management of Type 1 Diabetes With a Very Low–Carbohydrate Diet 

From the medical journal Pediatrics: “Abstract OBJECTIVES: To evaluate glycemic control among children and adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) who consume a very low–carbohydrate diet (VLCD). METHODS: We conducted an online survey of an international social media group … Continue reading

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Food Versus Feed

From Hawaiian Libertarian: “Food is grown, raised, harvested and processed — and if not consumed while fresh — preserved in as natural and organic a state as possible to keep most of it’s nutritious and nourishing qualities intact. Feed is … Continue reading

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Holiday Housekeeping – Rule Clarification and Reminders

We’ve already got one notoriously food-oriented holiday under our belts and more just on the horizon! Just including this post

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Healthy Kabuli Chana Pakora Recipe

Kabuli Chana Pakora Recipe is a delicious recipe made of kabuli chana, onions, green chillies, garlic, fresh herbs like coriander leaves and mint leaves and fennel seeds. 

These Kabuli Chana Pakoras are  pan fried using the paniyaram pan making it healthy as we get to control the amount of oil we use in the pakoras.

Serve the Kabuli Chana Pakoras as high tea snacks, or after school snacks to your kids along with Green Chutney or Date and Tamarind Chutney and Ginger Cardamom Chai.

If you love pakoras you must try some of our favorites

  1. Palak Bhajia Recipe
  2. Healthy Kala Chana Pakora Recipe
  3. Non Fried Broccoli Pakora Recipe
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