How to gain weight with celiac disease?

Hello everyone,

I am new here since I just recently got diagnosed with celiac disease, you can read my story down here. It basically comes down to food that is calorie dense, since I want to gain weight.

Last year september 31st I started going to the gym, I started with 59,5kg’s (186cm tall) and after goining to the gym for a while and eating lot’s of food I started gaining weight. I felt really great and weighed around 65,5kgs on January. One day before going to dinner with my grandparents I felt really sick, I wasn’t able to eat anything otherwise it would come out, the strange thing was, I was feeling good. Not as good tho as when I started gaining. So I thought this might be a one time thing.

Day after I could eat a bit more but not what I was used to daily, it slowly became less with the day. My weight dropped to about 63,5 currently. I am very nauseas every morning and just get randomly sick while eating. I went to the doctor to see what was wrong, I had to do a test in which they were looking for a bacteria, this wasn’t the case.

So I returned to the doctor and had my blood tested, that resulted in celiac disease, I just couldn’t understand how this was possible, it really hurt when I heard it. After watching my food for a few days I started to feel more energetic and I can eat more. But the problem is I don’t know how to gain weight with celiac dissease.

Does anyone know any high calorie products, so that I can get back on track?

Some information:

– 63,5kgs currently

– 186cm

– 4 gym visits per week


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