Things that appear to be GF but aren’t labeled GF.

Hey guys!

So I was wondering how you handle items that seem GF but are not labeled GF.

My favorite childhood cereal is Count Chocula (feel free to judge me) and I’ve gone without for quite some time, and nostalgia is hitting hard. So the issue is it is not labeled GF but the ingrediants list seems to be free of any wheat products.

Usually I just avoid things that are not explicitly labeled GF because its honestly just easier, so I’m not sure how to precede.

For clarification: I dont have celiac but diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and get very bad skin/stomach issues when I consume it. Generally speaking I’m okay getting a gluten free pizza in a kitchen where “normal” pizza is made and so on. So I’m wondering if these unlabeled but seemingly clear products have just a CHANCE of cross contamination or really does have some form of gluten not listed that I’m not aware of…


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