Which Specialist to See?

TLDR: At different times I have failed an ANA and tested for DQ2.2 and DQ2.5. Based on the ANA and joint pain they are sending me to a rheumatoid specialist. Should I request a gastroenterologist?

Longer version: I have been struggling with joint pain and inflammation for years. I have been tested for arthritis several times for years and nothing came of it. I finally insisted that they run other tests and they found a positive ANA.

I was really worried about Lupus, etc. But after some investigating I found that positive ANA results often indicate Celiac. I then remembered that I had 23andMe done and that it stated it had an increased risk of celiac. I took me results from there and uploaded it to a couple of other sites and I do have DQ2.2 and DQ2.5.

So my question is, is a rheumatoid practice the appropriate place to go first? Or, with the new info about the DNA should I ask for a different referral?

Edited to add: I have also had major years-long episodes of “IBS” at several points of my life. Then it went away, only to come back a few years later with a vengeance.


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