KetoLife: The Joy of Cod Liver Oil

Taking dietary supplements has been a part of the low-carb/keto lifestyle since Atkins’ book in 1972. The idea was that this diet is not perfectly ‘balanced’ in a government-recommended way, and so we had to take supplements as ‘insurance,’ in case we were missing out on any stray vitamins we would have got by continuing with the traditional grain-and-fruit based daily carb binges.

One of the few things that my very conventional ‘health care provider’ (physician assistant) has ever told me was an order to add fish oil capsules to my diet. (She is also OK with my continuing low-carb since she sees it helps with my weight and my diabetes.) I worry, though, since I mostly take the cheap fish-oil capsules I can get at the local dollar store.

I also consume canned tuna (in olive oil, when I can get it) and canned red salmon. But in Dana Carpender’s Fat Fast Cookbook there was an article by Jimmy Moore listing some recommended foods, and one of them was Carlson’s lemon-flavored liquid cod liver oil. I ordered some from Amazon and started to take a dose every day. I finished one bottle already and bought a second, larger bottle.

The cod-liver-oil is perfectly fine to take right off the spoon. The lemon flavor kills any scary or fishy bad taste. The lemon taste isn’t overwhelming, either. Just a trace taste to kill the fear of taking actual cod liver oil off a spoon.

I think this CLO addition to my diet is probably far better than the nasty cheap fish oil capsules from the dollar store, which may be rancid or have other problems I don’t know about. They say that omega-3 fats are very important for heart health. This is my source, since I can’t get fresh salmon on a daily basis or at all and don’t know if I’d even like it. (I do like smoked salmon, however. When I can get to a store that carries it, and can afford it.)

Now, I am not a person who routinely consumes odd or scary ‘health foods.’ I carb-binged on ordinary processed food for most of my life, and still do so once in a while. If I can manage my daily dose of CLO, you can do it too!

As for my other supplements— I have a daily vitamin-mineral pill, low cost from the dollar store, a probiotic, and have recently upgraded the garlic oil capsule I used to get to a better grade of garlic pill from Amazon, since I have high blood pressure in spite of being low-carb. Since I am not a medical or nutritional professional, I’m hopeful you can get better recommendations than I can give from a source near you— maybe even a seemingly anti-low-carb ‘health-care-provider’ you have been assigned to. I mean, I got a good recommendation for fish oil capsules from my ‘health-care-provider’ who is certainly not a low-carb expert.

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