Weight loss: One woman dropped seven stone with simple diet plan – what did she eat? – Express

Shrinking the waistline is not an easy task and dieters can get inspiration by looking to those who have recently slimmed down. After losing a remarkable amount of weight, the Reddit user, “shanners22653”, used the social media platform to share how she did it. The dieter explained she shrunk down from 20st 7lb to a much trimmer 13st 4lb. Speaking in her post, she explained the low carb keto diet plan helped her shape up.

On the plan, the Reddit user probably tucked into keto-friendly foods including meats, fish, nuts, avocados and eggs.

Those on the plan stay clear of high carb foods such as bread, pasta, rice and sugary sweets.

When it came to losing weight, “shanners22653” focused on diet more than exercise.

She said: “I have exercised on and off throughout my weight loss but I am not currently doing any kind of exercise regimen.”

Other users soon commented on her impressive transformation.

One said: “That is just amazing! Congratulations!”

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