When coconut milk yogurt turns into Celiacs ? any help for a newbie?

Hey all!

It has been a terrible week. It started 4 days ago after I ate coconut milk yogurt I broke out into hives. Next day sent to ER and got steroids, pepcid, benadryl and Zyrtec.

Next day I was SO swollen and huge and had to get an epi shot and a whole new slew of meds 🙁 same with the third day.. I was just getting worse and worse!! Today, I was sent to a new ER to be tested for Autoimmune Issues and a whole lot of other stuff since my face was so swollen and my lips and nothing helped 🙁 turns out.. The coconut milk yogurt exasperated my Celiacs disease that I didn’t know I had and I am also Lactose Intolerant. A whole lot to take in at once however, finally happen to quite being swollen, puffy, chronic GI issues and fatigue 😀

With that being said… As I wait for a real dietician to meet with (instead of the quick one in the hospital).. What should I look out for that isn’t readily noticable? Any insight? Thank you everyone!!

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