Hi! Hoping for some help! Friend is very gluten intolerant. We have our yearly Friendsgiving coming up, and I would really to cook with her in mind. But I’m clueless. Any recipes or sites that y’all could recommend? Thank you so much!!!

Edit: Wow. I’ll be honest I didn’t realize it could be that bad of an allergy. Fortunately a crumb here and there won’t kill her. A little cross contamination won’t set her off. (But I will still be super careful) She’s fairly new to this so it’s a learning experience all around.

We all bring stuff, so I know she’ll be bringing things she can eat, but I didn’t want her to be limited to only her stuff and that’s why I wanted my stuff to be gf as well. My part this year is sides and desserts. ( Host house is mains and that’s not me this year lol)

Edit#2: thanks everyone for the advice! I’m really excited to try out new stuff and to help my friend enjoy the holidays!

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