Learned the hard way.

I’m newly diagnosed as gluten sensitive – I don’t have celiac and wheat allergy will be either ruled in or out on the 22nd.

I have been GF for about 10 days and feeling pretty good – my symptoms are gone and I have an appetite. I met with my doctor on Wednesday and he stressed how important it is to adhere to if something had/has or could have gluten on it, don’t eat it.

I work in a restaurant that is good about allergies and I ordered gluten free pasta last night. They told me they dipped the pasta in water with “normal” pasta but only for a quick second. I said not to worry about it, I’ll be fine. I didn’t think this would cause much trouble.

NOT feeling great this morning as I type this from my bathroom. Didn’t really think it’d be a big deal but… I was wrong. Ugh.

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