Help making a gluten free flour blend (restrictions)

My mom has been gluten free for years, but has recently removed a lot of things from her diet trying to find the source of a chronic illness. I’m not seeking advice on the illness, but rather that I want to make her a good gluten free flour blend she can use for baking (nothing fancy, just muffins and occasional banana bread or something). It doesn’t have to be perfect, I just want her to enjoy the things she used to be able to eat.

Can eat: gluten free oats/oat flour, buckwheat, coconut flour, any nut flour besides almond

Cannot eat: tapioca, quinoa, cassava, almond, any rice flours

Any other ingredients are unknown. I’m thinking I’ll need to add xantham gum or guar gum. I’m not sure how to start with ratios. Any advice? Thanks!

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