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Some of you may have seen the trailer for the new James Cameron film. I’ve not seen it yet – I’ve seen the trailer and it raised a lot of questions. Djokovic is on the credits but he’s not vegan anymore. His coach refused to work with him unless he stopped being vegan…

I’ve not looked at this yet – but Shawn Baker has watched it so we don’t have to! Lol! Link to his video on it below:…10576905523200

Prof Noakes simply doesn’t believe it. His view was – we thought Lance Armstrong had won the tour de France many times clean and we were wrong – there is no evidence in the sports medicine literature that being vegan produces any advantage, so he doesn’t believe this film either.

Chris Kresser has been in comms with me and Nina Teicholz – he’s going on Joe Rogan to debate it soon.

Bye for now – Zoe & Andy at a conference in San Diego!

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