What food item did you innocently eat thinking it didn’t have gluten, only to find out after you ate it that it did in fact contain gluten.

A japanese restaurant I trusted said don’t worry, it’s rice noodles.

They came back out and said, “We’re very sorry. It’s actually a mixture of rice and wheat.” This was my first time averting a day-long agony crisis by drinking pepto bismol and benadryl and having a bendaryl nap.

I was very surprised by chicken stock, and by mashed potatoes that included chicken stock.

Some restaurants, especially diners, use a little bit of pancake batter in scrambled eggs to make them fluffier. This is so uncommon that most cooks are horrified when I ask if they do this.

Twizzlers are mostly wheat, which surprised me.

I can’t remember what else I’ve been dosed it, as it has fortunately been at least a year since I ate something I shouldn’t have!

Edit: Gluten-free cheerios set me off EVERY. TIME. I am not the only one; there’s a lot of complaints about them on these forums. Regular oats are also problematic. I do okay with Bob’s Red Mill oats even though some other sufferers do not.

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