Keto plan helping me eliminate grains and hence gluten and other foods that cause me IBS and more.

I decided to start the Intermittent fasting/Good Ketogenic diet plan around three weeks ago. Generally, I start a diet and within two weeks I’ve had enough. This time though, it does feel different: In as much as I have finally identified that I really am addicted to sugary carbohydrates. So any programme that fully eliminates them is going to be a good diet plan for me to follow.

In the past I have failed at Slimming world and Weight watchers, because the plan allows you to still eat sugar and carbohydrates. Those plans are just not strict enough for someone like me. Literally, if I eat sugar or a combination of sugar and carbohydrates, I am just going to continue to binge eat the whole day. If I have one doughnut, within a few minutes I’d be eating another, then searching for biscuits or a sugary drink. Often, I would fall asleep after eating sugary carbohydrates. I realised that my insulin must be off the scale and I would be heading for type 2 diabetes if I continued.

Another problem I have, since I hit 40 – is how my body processes carbohydrates and especially gluten. Over the years I have been back and forth to the doctors with IBS, indigestion, acid reflux. The outcome was lots of tests at the hospital, with no real conclusions and alot of different medications from a ‘confused by the symptoms’ GP. I was tested for celiac and had a biopsy, but a negative result ensued. Finally, I did get a diagnosis of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth): after reading about it, I felt sure I had it and managed to persuade a consultant to refer me for a test, which did show positive. Finally a break through! Treatment was a combination of antibiotics, which did give me some relief of my stomach symptoms. Following those tablets, I decided to start a course of prebiotics (billion acidophilus) to help restore the good bacteria in my gut.

However, I found after 12 months that the symptoms started to return as well as frequent nausea and headaches. I still felt there was a gluten connection, so I decided to eliminate gluten from my diet. I do believe I have an intolerance, as many people seem to do now. It is more than a fad, it’s not a full on allergy, but definitely my body has lost its tolerance.

Also, I have since discovered that the nightshade family make me very ill. With symptoms that include headaches, joint ache and IBS. Nightshades include potatoes, tomatoes, onions, paprika, chilli and some others. I definitely feel there is a link to ‘leaky gut’, but have yet to really work the whole thing out enough. Inevitably, I do eat gluten, at times without even realising it: some chips are coated in wheat, dips, sauces and salad dressings are bulked out with it. I have found anti-histamine has been my best friend when I do eat things I’m not meant to. It actually works better than any peptic over the counter medicine. Omeprazole (prescribed medication to control gastric acid) gave relief, but I felt it masked my symptoms. However, guzzling ‘Piriton’ is not a solution either.

So, for health reasons alone the Ketogenic diet seems to be a plan that will help me in more ways than I could have thought. The fact that there are no grains or sugar eaten (unless naturally there) I feel I’m onto a winner. I’ll post the diet plan I follow on my next post.

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