Could I be sensitive to gluten?

My issues are pretty minor compared to some symptoms I’ve seen but it’s starting to drive me crazy. I’ve been getting rashes on my body, mostly under my arms, upper legs and knees. They are not bad, just red spots that are itchy. I put some cortisone10 on it and the itching is gone and the rash will be gone the next day. But, more will pop up somewhere else later in the day or I woke up with new ones. I have not stomach issues at all so I don’t think I’m gluten intolerant. As a test, I’ve had no gluten since Monday and it has cleared up mostly but I can still see a little bit where I’ve had it often under my arm very faint spots but not itchy at all. I’m new to this gluten free thing just don’t get how this starts all of a sudden. I don’t think I can live without bread, beer and all the salty snacks I love.

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