Lelia lost 148 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Lelia lost 148 pounds with healthy eating habits and exercise. Her amazing transformation is not just about weight. She also found freedom from alcohol addiction. With her supportive husband by her side, she has taken control of her life. Check out her journey.

Lelia before and after

I haven’t really shared my story with too many people. I used to be embarrassed but not anymore. If my testimony helps at least one person, then that’s enough.

Previously, I lost 85 pounds, but I gained it all back. By May 2015, I weighed in at my highest weight ever: 315 pounds. I had enough and couldn’t take it anymore. My self-esteem was low, and I was battling alcoholism. A lot of people didn’t know this because I have always been an outgoing person.

This time, I decided to hire a personal trainer because I knew I needed help. Hiring a trainer was one of the best decisions I made. I began my journey by eating better and working out consistently. My husband joined me as well, which was wonderful because he is wonderful.

I started losing weight and feeling better. However, I wasn’t able to maintain my training at the time due to finances, so I was on my own again. I was able to maintain, but there was a lot of backsliding.

Fast forward to April 2017… I woke up to learn that my family was furious with me and scared. I’d fallen out drunk in my kitchen and hit my head on the floor. I didn’t remember anything. I called out of work the following Monday and went to an AA meeting. That is when I put the bottle down for good. I also decided to stop eating meat.

Lelia before and after

Next, I began working out again. I included yoga in my routine, which really helped me with mental clarity. I was able to lose 85 pounds, and I kept being consistent. Before I knew it, I hit my 100lb weight loss goal. I felt wonderful, and I wanted to go to next level. I got with a new trainer, Ashley, who I met through my previous gym. I liked her client’s results and her work ethic. In the past five months, I have lost 46 more pounds, and I’m still working!

I’ve lost a total of 148 pounds naturally. As of this morning, I weigh 167.2 pounds. (Height: 5 ft, 6in) Was this easy? HELL NO, lol!

Eating Habits: My trainer creates my meal plans based on my macros that she adjusts accordingly. My diet consists of veggies, fruit, and fish. I also drink a gallon of water a day (which is actually the hardest part lol) I don’t eat any meat other than fish. I stopped eating other meats almost three years ago.

Workout Routine: I work out six days a week. I work with my trainer twice a week. For the other four days, she uploads all of my workouts to an app she enrolls us in when we join her program. My day usually consists of an hour of weight training and circuits. After that, I do 45 minutes of cardio, which is usually on the stair climber (aka the beast lol). She does not play either, and that is one of the main reasons I chose her.

Biggest Lesson: I learned to put myself first and to be accountable. I can do anything. That is the way GOD designed me.

Advice: We are our biggest obstacle. Find a good support system, and take care of yourself right now — no more excuses. Just do the work. You can’t give up.

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Lelia before and after

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