GF for about 5 months but a GF. cauliflower crust GF frozen pizza from Aldi made me sick. What gives?? :(

I’ve been GF since about May, after my GI put me on an elimination diet to figure out what my issue was. And I’ve been doing so well since then!! A few slip ups, but overall doing worlds better than I was.

Two nights ago I had a cauliflower crusted GF frozen pizza from Aldi for dinner, and last night I got sick out of the blue acter feeling fine all day. My reactions have always been pretty delayed, by about a day, so I knew I should start by thinking of what I ate the previous day which was out of my ordinary and the pizza was all I could come up with. Yesterday MORNING, I did try a new coffee “creamer,” also from Aldi, but I decided I didnt like it so I only probably drank an ounce of it at most. I cant find anything in the ingredients for it which screams gluten to me, either.

Any ideas?

Pizza & creamer ingredients:

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