Trying to figure out where my symptoms are coming from. Gluten or thyroid?

I’m a 24 year old female. This is going to be long, I apologize.

In 2016, my old PCP noticed my thyroid is enlarged. It was tested, I was sent for an ultrasound. All normal.

In May 2019 I had gone to my PCP for reoccurring GI problems – loose stools and diarrhea was my “norm”. I would eat, I would be running to the bathroom in 20 minutes. The only time I felt “good” was when I was eating seafood.

He diagnosed me with IBS-D. I didn’t dispute it, we tried medications. I was put on Wellbutrin XL 150 as well as antispasmodic drugs as needed. They helped me live a more normal life but it didn’t all go away. He upped my dosages, same thing occurred.

In September, symptoms really ramped up. I was sleeping 10+ hours per day and still tired, I had random joint pains without cause, no real motivation to eat, no appetite, still overweight and not losing, brain fog, headaches. I messaged my doctor on our patient portal and told him what was going on.

He ordered me to stop eating gluten, and Monday I was to do a full blood work up and a CD test. I then saw him a week later. Celiac test was normal. I felt better not eating gluten. I am vitamin D deficient, I began 1000mg/day about a month ago with a daily multivitamin when we ran blood for celiac. He also sent me for more thyroid testing including thyroid antibody tests. Thyroid is still enlarged and Hashimotos became suspected.

I met with an immunologist for allergy testing earlier this week and we discovered a whole group of antibodies was left out of my CD test, she said we could order the test but I’d need to eat gluten again. Plus the only definite way to tell if its CD is if I had an endoscopy done, which I’d also need to eat gluten for. I told her I have no desire to put gluten in my body again which she understood, she said there’s no real change in knowing whether or not is CD or not, I can’t have gluten either way. However, she said she is leaning more towards CD due to the fact of being vitamin d deficient as well as becoming lactose intolerance AFTER I began having the GI problems. CD destroys your body, intolerance does not. I also have CD in my family.

I got my thyroid tests back last night, normal. My doctor said now it’s just a wait and see when it comes to the thyroid. I can’t start any treatment until numbers come back as abnormal. In the meantime, I’m just supposed to see if symptoms get worse. If they do, we retest. I called my gynecologist thinking my PCP is crazy and they said the same thing, it’s a common song and dance.

I’ve been GF for about a month. I did accidentally gluten myself two week ago, felt like shit for a couple days and my stomach wasn’t happy. Other than that 1000% GF.

All of my GI symptoms are gone, I haven’t had to take antispasmodics and I’m coming off of Wellbutrin as of spring. Now what remains are headaches, tiredness, occasional pains in my joints. My body just feels run down.

Throwing possible thyroid issues into the mix just makes it more complicated. Am I having hypo symptoms or is it all just from the gluten? How long does it really take the body to heal from gluten?

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