how did u find out u were gluten intolerant, what were ur symptoms?

Response on behalf of my husband:

Last Christmas, he bought us both the ancestry dna kits and paid the little extra for the medical history part. He found he’s apparently very likely to have a gluten intolerance. He talked to his first cousin about it (as she has Celiacs) He tried just eating gluten free for a couple weeks and hasn’t looked back. Now the house is gluten free.

Some of the stuff he dealt with was feeling full after eating half a meal (he described “feeling a rock in his stomach”), even though he was always super hungry. Almost everything he ate gave him diarrhea, and although he has always been relatively thin he was always bloated.

He went his whole like just thinking that was just the way everyone was. He was going on 24 years old when he found.

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