What I ate in Japan Fall 2019

Just got back from a trip to Japan. Like other Celiac’s out there I was nervous that it would be very difficult to eat. It was tough, but not nearly as difficult as some posters on reddit and blogs make it out to be. Posts from a couple of years ago make it sound like Japan doesn’t even know what a food allergy is, but I found that in the major cities allergies were taken seriously and staff were always helpful to find foods I could eat so it seems like things are getting better for people with dietary restrictions. I am posting in fall 2019 for reference. (FYI I am not as sensitive as some and so may have gotten cross contamination without knowing it.) Anyway here are some of the foods I ate:

  1. Lawsons is a convince store that is all over the place and from there I was able to get hard boiled eggs, bananas, salami (check the packaging some had wheat), yogurt, microwaveable rice, Chicken Yakitori with salt, and a Japanese brand of Frosted Flakes (note that these were produced in the same facility as wheat products but I had it multiple times without any issues).

  2. Grilled Salmon rice balls. The salmon has no sauce. A little bland but filling.

  3. At an okonomiyaki place I was able to order sides – green onion, octopus, and fish sausage. There was definitely a risk of CC since I was eating on the same skillet, but I stuck to my half and my friends suck to theirs and I was fine.

  4. Boba

  5. Shabu-Shabu – We got a broth that had no soy sauce. Make to sure ask which broth does not contain soy sauce.

  6. Japanese BBQ – double check, but most of the meats come without soy sauce and you add it after, so I just ate mine plane. Just be sure to ask for no sauce if you are nervous.

  7. Gluten free Ramen – I ate at Kyoto Ramen Engine. It was very good and I did not have any CC issues.

  8. McDonalds Fries – Boring but calories.

  9. Grilled Scallops skewers

  10. Grilled Kobe Beef skewers

  11. Sushi – rotating track was best because you can easily see the plane ones. Also many grocery stores sell just plane rolls so I had that a couple times as well.

  12. Red Bean Paste Mochi – This one seemed a little risky because I didn’t know how the Red Bean Paste was made, but I had two different ones without any issues.

  13. Shrimp and Salmon spring rolls – These can be found at convenience stores and markets.

  14. Kakigōri – surprisingly filling for shaved ice.

All in all eating at restaurants was tough but in Tokyo there was at least always a staff member who spoke English, and if I was willing to forego the restaurant experience there was always something to be had at a convenience store or market.

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