When do the cravings stop?

I had to go GF, not by choice, celiac. I’ve also become lactose intolerant because of this.

It’s been about a month since I’ve eaten gluten, which it’s been okay I guess. It doesn’t taste great, the texture is a huge adjustment. I don’t love it and a lot of the time I just think… “and people do this willingly with no medical issues!?!”

I find the self control being the hardest part. I’ll open cabinets and look at food that contains gluten debating if it’s worth it (it’s not and I don’t eat it).

I find myself craving SO much food. All I want is a piece of bread or pizza. I’ve been craving brownies, cookies, cakes which even when I could eat gluten, I really never at them.

I’m constantly just SOOOO hungry, all I do is eat now because I’m no longer super sick all the time after I eat. I need to stop engorging myself in food too… but that’s another story.

Do the cravings ever get better?

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