Abrupt gluten sensitivity in a foreign country?

Hey guys,

I think I may have gluten sensitivity. My stomach will usually hurt and/or feel bloated after eating a ton of super gluten heavy foods (a full can of Pringles, a baguette, etc.) and I’ve developed a pretty mild “gluten rash” (little dots on face, hands, back, etc.). However, I never feel any joint pain, fatigue or display any more serious symptoms.

The weird thing is that this all started happening when I moved to France for study abroad (I”m a current college junior). Is there a different type of flour in France that could trigger something like this? In addition, my roommate here also started getting the same gluten rash at exactly the same time. That’s partly why I feel like this is a little weird and/or is connected to changing countries

I’d love to hear your guys’s thoughts. Thanks a lot.

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