Advice for baking with bean flour?

Usually I get the basic Red Mills gluten free blend, which is a rice/potato/tapioca blend that works fantastic. However, it was out, so I had to grab the Red Mills bean blend, which I don’t like as much because of the taste.

I’m not actually gluten free myself, but my mom is, she’s the one I bake for because she says it helps her survive teaching. She’s super allergic and lots of people have already made recipes for stuff like this, and with my usual Red Mills one I get, you can hardly tell the difference in cookies.

Because I am not gluten free, though, I am not as used to the taste and so when I make cakes, while mom always says they taste exactly like usual cakes, I can always taste the rice part of the flour. It’s even worse with this bean flour; I made cornbread yesterday, and while mom says it’s perfect, I thought to myself, yep, that tastes like beans.

I know with some recipes, they call for using cream cheese with the usual blend to help smooth the taste. I was wondering if anyone has any similar tricks for the bean blend? It’s okay the way it is, the main thing is that mom likes it, which she does. It would just be nice to enjoy my own baking as much as she does…

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