Just wanted to share

Hi !

I’m new and I must say it feels great to read everybody here !

I’m 22 and was diagnosed celiac last summer. As I was a big bread and fast-food eater it was a rough year.

I miss a lot of food, taste, feelings … but hey, we have to deal with it ! I encountered many people who understood the disease and was so careful with it that it warm your heart for the day (at least). Many other who doesn’t and don’t care, you know those where you can feel the judgement in the voice and look like ” another one who’s following a stupid trend” ! I keep my focus on those who are careful.

I’ve read the post of someone telling that, back home, he/she cried after no being able to it potatoes in a restaurant. I must admit that I get those feeling from time to time, you’re with your friends/family enjoying your time and unlike everybody you can’t choose whatever you want on the menu… Man that’s frustrating and unfair !

I’m not sure about the interest of this post but I felt like I needed to speak !

PS : Just saying that I’m from France, not really a GF lover country in my opinion.

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