GF packaging nightmares…

Hi all, recently diagnosed coeliac here. I’m a couple of weeks into a gluten-free diet (bar a couple of slips in the early days) and so far it’s going OK. So far the biggest challenges have been not being able to rely on convenience food/deli counters during the day, and booze (I’m a committed beer drinker, and while GF options for that are growing, the good ones aren’t always available and the available ones aren’t always good).

However, the amount of packaging on GF products is starting to annoy me. I know cross-contamination is a big issue, but I find it hard to believe that we haven’t yet found a better solution than sitting the product on top of a plastic tray, inside a plastic bag, inside a card/cardboard sleeve. (Yes, I know I could just go for homemade, but for various reasons that’s not always practical.)

So, I was wondering: does anyone have any recommendations for GF suppliers that don’t create as much waste? Bonus points if they’re available in Ireland!

EDIT: I’m not sure why someone found my question so offensive that they downvoted the post. I’m new to this and asking for help, and all the downvote does is make it less likely that I’ll get an answer.

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