My homemade gluten-free pizza attempts, one year apart

So I’ve been using chebe cheese bread mix to make pizza. It gives you a much more consistent result.

I started using their pizza crust mix and it’s even better as it has some herbs in there to give it an extra Italian flavor.

Pro tips:

  • when using either chebe mix don’t overdo the cheese. Sharp cheddar is best.

  • mix all the ingredients (except for the chebe mix) in a bowl first. Measure exactly. Only use a handful of cheese. Definitely use cheese even though the pizza crust mix says its optional.

  • add half the mix into the ingredients and mix thoroughly with a fork.

  • add the rest and get your hands in there and fold it all carefully until most of the mix is incorporated.

  • fold it and squish it against the bowl to pick up as much of the mix as you can as it’s a very fine powder and gets kinda stuck.

  • take the lump of dough and kneed it thoroughly. Get it to a nice even consistency.

  • take a circular pizza pan and grease it completely with a stick of butter.

  • take your dough ball and flatten it in the middle and slowly work it out towards the edges and try to get it to a nice even flatness

  • par bake at 425 for 7 minutes

  • remove, flatten, and add sauce, not too much as it will make the pizza soggy

  • add toppings

  • bake for 9 minutes

  • enjoy

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