Simple Shakshuka

This savory Simple Shakshuka is the perfect one-pan meal that is quick and easy and everyone will love!

Originating from parts of North Africa and the Middle East, Shakshuka relies heavily on delicious spices and herbs to create deep flavors that pair wonderfully with the acidic tomatoes and sweet peppers.

Spice It Up

Simple Shakshuka really is a blank-canvas meal. The spicy and rich tomato sauce is the perfect base to add hearty leafy greens, chopped nuts, sweet potatoes. There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to ingredients so follow your heart (and your stomach) and get creative!

We love to serve our Simple Shakshuka with gluten-free bread, our favorite Jalepeño Cornbread, or fluffy quinoa.

Power Of Protein

Use whatever protein you enjoy to fit your unique eating habits.

If consuming animal proteins isn’t for you, such as the eggs used in this recipe, don’t worry! For a vegetarian option of this recipe just substitute the chicken with tofu, chickpeas, or chopped almonds (or all three!) and follow the recipe below.

For more information about animal proteins, what to look for, and how to shop for animal proteins check out our article Guide to Eating Animal Protein. Also, check out our factory farming article as it relates to animal proteins.


Did someone say batch-cooking? Whether you’re a seasoned batch-cooking vet, or just learning the ropes, this Shakshuka (Eggs in Purgatory) is the perfect recipe to incorporate into your repetoiré. It’s quick and easy to make, packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients, and stores perfectly in our favorite glass containers.

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