My friend has gluten/dairy intolerances. He always found it hard to understand ingredients when shopping at supermarket. So we worked on a cool ingredients analyser to instantly spot foods (Eat or Avoid). Please test ? Before You Eat App ->

Would love to see something like this for MEDICATIONS. It’s so, so much harder to find out if your ibuprofen has something weird in the coating or something is derived from a gluten-containing substance, period. You ask the pharmacist– they don’t know. They call the company that produces the drug– they don’t know either.

Am I the only one exasperated beyond measure by this??? It’s actually horrendous for all allergies too. A little girl died sometime back because her medication contained trace amounts of dairy and no one knew. It’s a major issue that allergen info is required for food but not drugs in the U.S.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

*Edit to provide link for info about the little girl and her prescription toothpaste:

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