Well, my bestie and I have challenged ourselves this month. We want to make sure we start the holiday season on the right track with our #ketogenicdiet. Each of us has set goals for the month that will help us ensure success when there are so many temptations headed our way. So, in full disclosure on this blog, here are my goals:
1) No craft beer–it has too many carbs, which I have always known, but I had a couple (or so…) over the month of October. I feel like it’s just not a habit I need to keep up with for the holiday season. If I feel that I must imbibe, then I will stick to Bourbon–my choice for no carbs.
2) Drink more water. Now, with this one I originally said 48+ oz daily. That may not sound like much, but for someone like me with a 3-4oz stomach, it becomes quite the task to get that much liquid into such a tiny space.
3) 7.5+ hours of sleep each night, especially during the week.
4) Take collagen everyday. This is a supplement that I need for my joints, saggy skin, and hair regrowth. My hair thinned out after surgery, but has rebounded. I just know that with a small pouch for food, it’s often hard to get all the nutrients I need from just food.

Time for a little check-in as to my progress:
1) Crushing this! This is actually a little too easy for me. I don’t drink often, or much, so leaving out the carb-y craft beer hasn’t been a struggle.
2) Y’all, I cannot. I have tried and the closest I’ve gotten so far is about 40 ounces. I told my accountability partner (i.e. my bestie) and she is relentless. She keeps telling me to just do it. I even tried to send her some research on it, but I’m not sure she’s buying into that. I’m still trying….I’m just not thirsty. In fact, my whole life, I’ve not been a thirsty girl. Many times I don’t even drink with my meals. Add in the fact I have a small stomach pouch and I just can’t seem to make it all work.
3) Ahhhh, sleep. I love it and this time of year (with the time change) I find myself going to bed earlier and it’s easier to “clock out” at night. I’ve hit the target 3 out of the last 5 nights, so I consider that a win.
4) I’m doing well. I have only missed one day so far, but I do have a little timing issue. I haven’t been able to figure out when is the best time to incorporate collagen into my day. I really want to do it first thing in the morning with my large coffee, but it will break my fast–not ideal. I don’t really drink anything else throughout the day (see #2 above) , so I’m stuck there, too. I would love coffee in the afternoon, but none of the locations for my work have people who drink it. Seriously, it’s a strange thing. I see the coffee pot, I see the people, I don’t see the people making or drinking the coffee.

As #NOCHEATNOVEMBER continues, I will update and then give a final results for the month. One of the things I hope to accomplish is to break a short stall I’ve had in my weight loss…and hit the next set of “lower tens” on the scale. My overall shape is still changing and the sizes on my clothes are dropping again, so I know #keto works for my and my body. I will continue to #KetoON, my friends!

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