Update: I’m being glutened. Help!

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Thank you for all your support and tips on what might be wrong. This is not an exciting update unfortunately. But someone asked for an update. So here it goes.

I went to the doctor to take new blood test. Got the answer back today, and nothing had changed. Before the blood test I had double checked all makeup/food/shampoo/vitamins. All glutenfree. I started eating just what my daughter eat since her test were fine. Stopped eating gf oats.

So I guess the update is that it’s nothing in the house that is contaminating me with gluten. There is something else wrong. In the message my doctor sent me today she asked me to schedule a new appointment with her so she could refer me to the specialists at the hospital. I’m hoping there isn’t a long waiting list.

I’m still feeling terrible. I’m dizzy and nauseated all the time. I went out with my husband yesterday on a date and he really wanted to go and eat after the movie. (Haven’t eaten out in a long time) We went to an Indian place. Almost everything is naturally glutenfree and one of the owners have celiac disease. I looove spicy food. But since I have been eating so restricted lately. My tummy was a little shocked. When I went to the toilet this morning I passed out… So that’s fun..

But I’m hoping the doctors at the hospital can help me. Hopefully it’s nothing that bad and they can fix it

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