Self Care. After being glutened while visiting my son at college last night, I deserve gf donuts for dinner.

I can 100% relate to this, I was glutened last weekend 🙁 🙁

Glad you’re able to treat yourself! And at the risk of telling you something you don’t want to hear, I wanted to share a framework that helps me think about stuff like this:

We often say “self care” for anything that is healthy, restorative, rewarding, indulgent, soothing. All those things are important to do from time to time, but that’s a pretty wide range of things! I find it helpful to say “self care” for the healthy, restorative things and “self soothing” for the rewarding, soothing, indulgent ones. (Think of “treat yo’self from Parks and Rec.)

So after getting glutened, my self care would be chicken broth and bananas and lots of sleep, and maybe taking a bath. And then, having a donut is self-soothing: equally important to remind yourself that you’re special and gf life doesn’t have to suck,

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