Taco Bell beef no longer contains gluten?When did this change?

Taco Bell was my favorite trash food in college and I will occasionally check their allergen website to see if their seasonal menu items are edible. For the longest time I avoided the ground beef that comes in everything since it apparently contained gluten (or more accurately, oats with a sloppy supply chain). Their own “How To Eat Taco Bell When You’re Avoiding Gluten” article (link) suggests subbing out shredded chicken for it, but that article is fairly old.

Now on their allergen tool webpage, they show this is a glutenless*** option. Taco Bell’s Allergy Menu

***read: “made without gluten containing ingredients”

Obviously there are cross contamination concerns with TB but I am interested to see if anyone else noticed this. I’m surprised they didn’t blast a press release since these kind of menu / supply chain changes can’t be cheap. Makes me wonder it’s a change or an error?

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