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Transformation of the Day: Cora lost 50 pounds and lots of inches. She was exercising, but she was not getting the results she wanted because of emotional eating and horrible eating habits. She joined a 60-day transformation program, put her all into it, and her hard work paid off.

Cora before and after

I was always that woman in the gym working out, but who’s eating habits were horrible. I was also dealing with other things in life. I’m an emotional eater, and one thing the gym can not beat is a bad diet.

I took on the H.E.A.T. Challenge, a 60-day transformation program that I located on Instagram. The founder of the challenge is Darrell Patterson, out of Atlanta GA. I started on January 7, 2019. After the second week, I was shocked by the changes my body was taking on, so I stayed consistent. I followed the meal plan and the workout videos provided. It’s almost like a gym away from the gym. (You know the saying, “A home away from home.”) Well, that’s how I felt, and that’s what I needed.

My weight loss journey started at 198 pounds. I stand before you today, down to 148 pounds. My height is 5’4″, my waistline is 28 inches, and my confidence level is on 1000! The H.E.A.T. Challenge is a program that will take you above and beyond.

I had to change my eating habits tremendously. Sweets, snack foods and dairy are things I had to sacrifice and give up. I’m not a big soda drinker and I love water so the switch wasn’t difficult for me.

My meal plan focused on Carb Cycling. I had high carb days and low carbs days. For example, meal #1 on a low carb day might be…
• Eggs-3 whole (150g)
• Quaker Oats-1/2 Cup, measured dry (20g) • Avocado Oil (14g)
• Pineapple-1 Cup (165g)

Meal #1 on a high carb day could be…
• Eggs-2 whole (100g)
• Quaker Oats-1/2 Cup, measured dry (20g) • Blueberries-1 Cup (148g)

My workout days consisted of Fasted Cardio in the Morning (HIIT home workout using the Follow Along Videos). My Evening Workouts Consisted of gym workouts that Darrell put together for us to follow along with. He showed us proper form, how many reps and how many sets to do.

After the 60 days, I stayed consisted, but I took my workouts down to just one workout per day. I made sure that I kept the Fasted Cardio in my daily exercise routine. I also combined the gym workouts as well. I was in the gym for about 1 hour and 30 minutes on the days I only worked out once.

Yes, I stayed consistent with my meal plan, but I also enjoyed myself some days. However, not on back to back days. I had to learn balance, so I wouldn’t set myself back.

Cora before and after

The biggest lessons I’ve learned so far are these five takeaways;
1. Believing to Achieve.
2. I learned about taking my beauty from the outside and storing it within my heart.
3. I do have a voice to be heard, and it truly matters.
4. I learned that the greatest strength I have is being able to pull myself out of the darkness with my own strength.
5. My journey is my journey. I can’t expect everyone to understand. Me understanding it is what counts the most.

My advice: Believe in yourself, if nobody else believes in you. The one person who matters the most is you. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself unconditionally.

This journey comes requires patience, understanding, and trusting the process. Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to go, no one else.

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