PSA: The new veggie dippers in UK McDonald’s are gluten free!

For the first time, there is a fully gluten free meal being rolled out in McDonald’s in the UK! The veggie dippers, which contain pesto and red pepper, have no gluten-containing ingredients, and are done in individual fryers so there’s no direct cross-contamination risk. The fries, as always, remain gluten free and also done in their own fryers, so you can get a whole meal instead of a snack when you want something that’s gluten free and a bit more unhealthy than a salad.

As a cover-all disclaimer, there is obviously the risk of some kind of contamination within such an open kitchen that means there’s the risk for every possible allergen. It’s also worth double-checking when you order that oil etc. has only been used for the specific product if you’re concerned.

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