Homemade GF chicken tenders – baked with olive oil

First time making these & they did not disappoint. Definitely hit my nugget craving.

•1# of mostly frozen chicken breast marinated in a seasoned buttermilk (regular 2% milk with fresh lemon juice- which creates buttermilk, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano)

•marinated for 48 hrs.

•Butterflied & slice chicken so you have thin strips.

•in a bowl pour 1 cup or so of namaste GF Flour (namaste is a brand – basically is a rice flour blend with tapioca starch). I eyeballed a Tbs of salt, couple tsp of pepper, tsp paprika, tsp mustard powder, tsp oregano & mixed into the flour with a fork. The flour looked heavily seasoned, which was good, but I ended up needing less than 1/2 of this flour mixture for all of the chicken.

•Thinly coat chicken with the flour mixture, then dip the chicken in a whisked egg & then back into the flour mixture.

•Placed on edged baking sheet that had been well drizzled with olive oil.

•Baked at 415° for 25 minutes. I used tongs to flip these after about 15 minutes so both sides were golden.

This made a lot of tenders. I cut some of the chicken into nugget size for the little one before dredging. We ended up with 15 smaller sized tenders & 7 nuggets.

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