I am back and better than ever! Stay tuned for new posts and new topics every weekend! Comment below any topics you’d like me to discuss… Ill be posting about my fitness journey,healthy living tips,recipe highlights,lifestyle highlights and much more!

Its been awhile and i miss you all!! | After having another baby who is now a busy toddler that keep me on my toes and taking care of an autistic teenage daughter, plus a 6 year old boy… it has really been tough sticking to schedule on my social media and sometimes even my health journey, but i am now more organized than ever!! I’ve learned to make things work when it comes to having a hectic lifestyle as a mom but still fit in time for things i love to do including adult time alone,with my lady friends and my spouse too.

I am still living that KETO LIFE BABY! That is never going to change, however its been a roller-coaster since fall 2019 due to emotional eating,drinking and then the holidays came which is also my birthday season so to say the least –I feel like crap!!! lol…. Although i didn’t pick up to much weight, I have so much bloat and swelling so that’s how i know its time to get back on track and this time im going to try a few new things and incorporate working out consistently! Whew child,pray for me because i really got lazy and i know when i first start back getting active my joints etc. will be bothering me but i must push through until my body is used to the movement again!

January is here and it is time for my cutting season until July (Not March like everyone else after the new year lol). I usually enjoy my baby boys birthday cake and whatever family trip we plan we before school start back and once school is back in session im usually back at it until the weekend of my birthday and thats it. This past year i was just eating whatever every other weekend oct-dec and that is a NO GO for me and my goals.


Nothing but “good vibes” and goal chasing from here on out!! In my next post i will share with you my new meal plan, schedule and more! So stay tuned and please feel free to comment and leave your feedback! Here’s to a New Year 2020 full of nothing but success!!!

Have you ever just totally got off track without even realizing it because of daily life issues or just being super ? Lets talk about it, comment and share below!!!!!!…..


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